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still return a valid track even when no extractors support it

that is the case when we get an audio file not with a format not yet
supported by KFileMetaData

BUG: 433892
FIXED-IN: 21.04
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......@@ -120,6 +120,17 @@ DataTypes::TrackDataType FileScanner::scanOneFile(const QUrl &scanFile, const QF
const QList<KFileMetaData::Extractor*> &exList = d->mAllExtractors.fetchExtractors(mimetype);
if (exList.isEmpty()) {
// when no extractors exist and we have an audio file, we fallback to filling the minimal
// set of properties to let Elisa be able to recognise and play the file.
qCDebug(orgKdeElisaIndexer()) << "FileScanner::shouldScanFile" << scanFile << localFileName << "no extractors" << fileMimeType;
newTrack[DataTypes::FileModificationTime] = scanFileInfo.metadataChangeTime();
newTrack[DataTypes::ResourceRole] = scanFile;
newTrack[DataTypes::RatingRole] = 0;
newTrack[DataTypes::DurationRole] = QTime::fromMSecsSinceStartOfDay(1);
newTrack[DataTypes::ElementTypeRole] = ElisaUtils::Track;
return newTrack;
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