Commit 9c91190b authored by Matthieu Gallien's avatar Matthieu Gallien 🎵
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add automated tests to ViewManager and fix one bug in it

Opening all artists from a genre was never implemented even though a
test was supposed to exist. Fix that.
parent 1e635e63
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......@@ -381,6 +381,10 @@ void ViewManager::allTracksViewIsLoaded()
void ViewManager::allGenresViewIsLoaded()
mCurrentView = ViewsType::AllGenres;
if (mTargetView == ViewsType::AllArtistsFromGenre) {
Q_EMIT openGridView(ViewsType::AllArtistsFromGenre, ElisaUtils::FilterByGenre, 1, {}, {}, {}, ElisaUtils::Artist,
QUrl(QStringLiteral("image://icon/view-media-artist")), mTargetGenreName, {}, ViewHideRating, DelegateWithoutSecondaryText);
void ViewManager::allArtistsFromGenreViewIsLoaded()
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