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    Quite a few issues here: · 1d6d2e9f
    Scott Wheeler authored
    *) Now getting a bit closer to properly quoting query items
    *) Proper capitalization in string
    *) Don't initialize new QPixmaps explicitly (it's silly, that's their value anyway)
    *) TRUE and FALSE are evil C-isms.  true and false are our friends.
    *) Fix a memory leak large enough to drive a truck (Texas sized, even) through
       - a) Qt gives us a nice QByteArray, we don't need to roll our own
       - b) char *foo = new char[someSize] isn't deleted with deleted with delete foo
            but rather delete [] foo
       - c) This is the 4th memory leak that I've fixed in this code; be a bit more
            carefule with new.
    *) Pass the parent pointer into the QObject constructor
    *) Style stuff
    CCMAIL:Nathan Toone <nathan@toonetown.com>
    svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=362341
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