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    More changes from Lars. I did a number of cosmetic changes; Lars, can · bafc8f27
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    you check to make sure that I didn't leave anything out (that needs to be
    === from the mail with the patch ===
     The following issues are corected:
    - files moved in a lists always get moved below an item dropped on, but the
      ui shows insertion marks above when moving above the upper half of an item.
    - files dropped or pasted at a specific position in a playlist get added
      on top
    - new items get always added at top of a playlist. It should be better to add
      them at  the end, especially if someone adds items to a playing list.
    - multiple items get added in reversed order.
    Detailed changes:
    - insert before an item when dropping on the upper half of an item.
    - Playlist signalFilesDroped, decode and
      PlaylistSplitter slotAddToPlaylist, addImpl are extended by the item
      after which the files should be added.
    - The slotAddToPlaylist method without insert position now add items at the
      end of a list.
    - remove decode method from CollectionList, it's duplicated from Playlist.
    svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=240632
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