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    JuK optimizapalooza! · c8f53250
    Michael Pyne authored
    * Add whatever X-DBUS-foo line KUniqueApplication says we need.
    * Restructure the startup sequence to postpone all the hard work until after the GUI is setup
      as much as possible to allow passing our reply over DBUS ASAP.
    * Don't call hasCover from PlaylistItem like, ever.  I made CoverInfo::hasCover() take longer
      when I added support for APIC frames but didn't catch all unnecessary instances of their use
      last time.  Luckily this is the big win and is backportable.
    * Also, don't force CoverInfo::coverId() to call hasCover() for no reason.
    Hopefully this should remove the egregrious Plasma freeze-ups while starting but even after
    returning from KUniqueApplication::newInstance() quickly it seems to take a while for the reply
    to go over the D-BUS...
    svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=851610
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