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    Add "export to K3b" support to JuK. · f7cc5737
    Michael Pyne authored
    * You can select songs from your playlist and export them to K3b.
    * You can export an entire playlist to K3b as well.
    * The feature is accessible from the appropriate context menus.
    * The feature won't be visible on the menu unless K3b is in your PATH.
    * K3b will be started if it's not already running.
    * If no project is open in K3b, JuK will prompt you to select either an audio CD project or a data CD project. Otherwise the songs are added to the current project.
    Watchers of bug 56465 will be interested in this commit.  CD Ripping hasn't
    been started yet, so the bug will remain open.  Also, K3b isn't "integrated"
    into JuK, JuK simply tells K3b where to find the files, and you still use K3b
    as normal to burn the CD.  Still, this is very useful IMHO.
    svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=316931
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