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    Add 'override' decl to fix compiler warnings, fix drag-and-drop. · dc2d9c8e
    Michael Pyne authored
    This should shave off some 1,000+ warnings over the course of a build
    with GCC 9.1.
    This only addresses class declarations native to JuK, but Taglib and to
    a lesser extent Qt5 moc still have (or generate) code that can result in
    compiler warnings about suggested override declarations.
    In the process I noticed that an existing drag-and-drop support function
    (Playlist::decode) is no longer overriding Qt virtual functions, so it
    has been turned into an auxiliary function to fix existing drag-and-drop
    bugs from the KF5 port (tested by dropping files from Dolphin into a
    playlist view).
    Drag-and-drop from a playlist to another playlist (by dropping on the
    playlist name) still remains broken for now.