Commit 178aee3b authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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tageditor: Speedup startup when Tag Editor is shown.

(cherry picked from commit 506c2ee6)
parent a65a4e8a
......@@ -211,6 +211,22 @@ void PlaylistSplitter::setupLayout()
connect(m_playlistBox, &QTreeWidget::currentItemChanged,
this, &PlaylistSplitter::slotCurrentPlaylistChanged);
// Let interested parties know we're ready
connect(m_playlistBox, &PlaylistBox::startupComplete, this, [this]() {
// Do this after initial playlist setup otherwise we'll waste
// a lot of time starting up with the tag editor trying to
// re-update after every item is loaded.
emit guiReady();
// Let interested parties know we're ready
......@@ -249,10 +265,8 @@ void PlaylistSplitter::setupLayout()
topLayout->insertStretch(-1); // Force search bar to top while playlistStack hides
topLayout->addWidget(m_playlistStack, 1);
// Now that GUI setup is complete, add some auto-update signals.
connect(CollectionList::instance(), SIGNAL(signalCollectionChanged()),
m_editor, SLOT(slotUpdateCollection()));
connect(m_playlistStack, SIGNAL(currentChanged(int)), this, SLOT(slotPlaylistChanged(int)));
connect(m_playlistStack, &QStackedWidget::currentChanged,
this, &PlaylistSplitter::slotPlaylistChanged);
// Show the collection on startup.
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