Commit 28ba5282 authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Don't crash on multiple selection.

Since this code is also a littly hairy, I added some big explanatory notes
as to what's going on.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=235854
parent e42d9705
......@@ -666,9 +666,26 @@ void PlaylistSplitter::slotChangePlaylist(const PlaylistList &l)
Playlist *current = m_dynamicList;
// Save the current dynamic list so that we can delete it when we're done
// showing the next list. The two situations are that we're either showing
// an existing, non-dynamic list or that we're creating a dynamic list; in
// both cases we want to get rid of the current one.
// If in fact the currently visible list *is not* a dynamic list, then
// m_dyanmicList will simply be zero, making deleting it at the end of this
// method just a no-op.
// And finally, because we will end up doing a recursive call to this method
// to show the dynamic playlist (second case calls the first case), we want
// to make sure that in that case we don't delete the very thing we're
// being asked to show. (Hence the conditional assignment.)
Playlist *current = l.first() != m_dynamicList ? m_dynamicList : 0;
m_nextPlaylistItem = 0;
// First case: We're just showing one, currently existing list.
if(l.count() == 1) {
......@@ -679,13 +696,21 @@ void PlaylistSplitter::slotChangePlaylist(const PlaylistList &l)
// Second case: There are multiple playlists in our list, so we need to create
// a new "dynamic list" that is the union of these playlists.
else {
m_dynamicList = new DynamicPlaylist(l, m_playlistStack, i18n("Dynamic List"));
// Note that this call will end up making a recursive call to this
// method, but in that call since there will only be one list, it will
// take the "first case" above.
setupPlaylist(m_dynamicList, true, 0);
delete current;
delete current;
emit signalPlaylistChanged();
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