Commit 391bf34a authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Added a simple splash screen that shows things as items are loaded.

Started work on the "Genre List Editor", but that doesn't work yet.

Hmm, fixed some other stuff that I'm too tired to remember.

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<holder>George N. Ugnacious</holder>
<holder>Scott Wheeler</holder>
<!-- <legalnotice>&FDLNotice;</legalnotice> -->
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&juk; is a program that lets you do absolutely nothing. Please report
any problems or feature requests to the KDE mailing lists.
&juk; is well, a jukebox. As is typical with many jukebox applications, &juk;
allows you to edit the &quot;tags&quot; of the audio files, and do some basic
management of your collection and playlists.
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