Commit 494d30f2 authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Don't limit the track to the ID3v1 limit of 255. In the case of tracks higher

no ID3v1 value will be written, but since JuK prefers the ID3v2 value over the
ID3v1 value when available this shouldn't be a problem.


svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=358770
parent 8c413482
......@@ -549,7 +549,7 @@ void TagEditor::setupLayout()
FixedHLayout *trackRowLayout = new FixedHLayout(rightColumnLayout,
m_trackSpin = new KIntSpinBox(0, 255, 1, 0, 10, this, "trackSpin");
m_trackSpin = new KIntSpinBox(0, 9999, 1, 0, 10, this, "trackSpin");
addItem(i18n("T&rack:"), m_trackSpin, trackRowLayout);
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