Commit 71abfda9 authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Committing patch from Chris Lee to use a list of files in the delete files

warning rather than a label with line breaks.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=182514
parent 69dc2427
......@@ -212,12 +212,19 @@ void Playlist::remove()
void Playlist::remove(const PlaylistItemList &items)
if(isVisible() && !items.isEmpty()) {
QString message = i18n("Are you sure that you want to delete:\n");
QStringList files;
for(QPtrListIterator<PlaylistItem> it(items); it.current(); ++it)
message.append(it.current()->fileName() + "\n");
if(KMessageBox::warningYesNo(this, message, i18n("Delete Files")) == KMessageBox::Yes) {
QString message;
if(files.count() == 1)
message = i18n("Do you really want to delete this item?");
message = i18n("Do you really want to delete these %1 items?").arg(QString::number(files.count()));
if(KMessageBox::questionYesNoList(this, message, files) == KMessageBox::Yes) {
for(QPtrListIterator<PlaylistItem> it(items); it.current(); ++it) {
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