Commit 796c52c3 authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Uhm, yeah, I'm beating these 5 lines of code to death. This is in fact

better than having added an extra member variable.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=303391
parent 2ba77b45
......@@ -62,14 +62,13 @@ class FileBoxToolTip : public QToolTip
FileBoxToolTip(TagEditor *editor, QWidget *widget) :
QToolTip(widget), m_widget(widget), m_editor(editor) {}
QToolTip(widget), m_editor(editor) {}
virtual void maybeTip(const QPoint &)
tip(m_widget->rect(), m_editor->items().first()->file().absFilePath());
tip(parentWidget()->rect(), m_editor->items().first()->file().absFilePath());
QWidget *m_widget;
TagEditor *m_editor;
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