Commit 806b7834 authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

i18n fixes

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=206242
parent d699b889
......@@ -130,10 +130,10 @@ void JuK::setupActions()
new KAction(i18n("Delete"), "editdelete", 0, splitter, SLOT(removeSelectedItems()), actionCollection(), "removeItem");
// settings menu
restoreOnLoadAction = new KToggleAction(i18n("Restored playlists on load"), 0, actionCollection(), "restoreOnLoad");
toggleSystemTrayAction = new KToggleAction(i18n("Dock in system tray"), 0, actionCollection(), "toggleSystemTray");
restoreOnLoadAction = new KToggleAction(i18n("Restore Playlists on Load"), 0, actionCollection(), "restoreOnLoad");
toggleSystemTrayAction = new KToggleAction(i18n("Dock in System Tray"), 0, actionCollection(), "toggleSystemTray");
connect(toggleSystemTrayAction, SIGNAL(toggled(bool)), this, SLOT(toggleSystemTray(bool)));
new KAction(i18n("Genre List Editor"), 0, this, SLOT(showGenreListEditor()), actionCollection(), "showGenreListEditor");
new KAction(i18n("Genre List Editor..."), 0, this, SLOT(showGenreListEditor()), actionCollection(), "showGenreListEditor");
connect(splitter, SIGNAL(playlistChanged()), this, SLOT(playlistChanged()));
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