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Commit 8dacadf9 authored by Stephan Kulow's avatar Stephan Kulow

KAction porting

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=562952
parent 88fbfd5f
......@@ -920,10 +920,14 @@ KAction *PlaylistCollection::ActionHandler::createAction(const QString &text,
const QString &icon,
const KShortcut &shortcut)
KAction *action;
return new KAction(text, shortcut, this, slot, actions(), name);
action = new KAction(text, actions(), name);
return new KAction(text, icon, shortcut, this, slot, actions(), name);
action = new KAction(KIcon(icon), text, actions(), name);
connect( action, SIGNAL(triggered(bool)), slot);
return action;
#undef widget
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