Commit c1ba76b7 authored by George Staikos's avatar George Staikos
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This looks a whole lot better. Don't let the user shrink the dialog too far,

but make sure it's big enough to be aesthetically pleasing as it looks like
the original author had intended.  Also make sure it doesn't show() with
widgets partially hidden.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=233062
parent 74b8506c
...@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ DirectoryList::DirectoryList(QStringList &directories, QWidget* parent, ...@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ DirectoryList::DirectoryList(QStringList &directories, QWidget* parent,
it != directories.end(); ++it) it != directories.end(); ++it)
new KListViewItem(m_base->directoryListView, *it); new KListViewItem(m_base->directoryListView, *it);
resize(350, 250); QSize sz = sizeHint();
setMinimumSize(QMAX(350, sz.width()), QMAX(250, sz.height()));
} }
DirectoryList::~DirectoryList() DirectoryList::~DirectoryList()
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