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Commit e3a6a5da authored by Enrico Ros's avatar Enrico Ros


Fix for GCC 3.3.1 20030916 generating bad code with "-march=pentium4 -O3
-funroll-loops -fprefetch-loop-arrays". Slightly changing the code keeps
the playlist from freezing the processor on a loop.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=258938
parent cc458a91
......@@ -1086,11 +1086,12 @@ void Playlist::slotUpdateColumnWidths()
int minimumFixedWidthTotal = 0;
for(it = visibleColumns.begin(); it != visibleColumns.end(); ++it) {
minimumWidth[*it] = header()->fontMetrics().width(header()->label(*it)) + 10;
minimumWidthTotal += minimumWidth[*it];
int column = *it;
minimumWidth[column] = header()->fontMetrics().width(header()->label(column)) + 10;
minimumWidthTotal += minimumWidth[column];
minimumFixedWidth[*it] = QMAX(minimumWidth[*it], m_columnFixedWidths[*it]);
minimumFixedWidthTotal += minimumFixedWidth[*it];
minimumFixedWidth[column] = QMAX(minimumWidth[column], m_columnFixedWidths[column]);
minimumFixedWidthTotal += minimumFixedWidth[column];
// Make sure that the width won't get any smaller than this. We have to
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