1. 27 Feb, 2006 2 commits
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  11. 27 Apr, 2005 1 commit
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      DCOP improvements. · 3a7cc4fb
      Michael Pyne authored
      * Access the track cover from DCOP (with a shortcut for the currently playing
        file). You can grab both the large and small size covers.
      * Provide a currentFile() shortcut accessor.
      * Get/set the random play mode.
      * The track properties for the currently playing item now are returned when
        the player is merely paused as well.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=408270
  12. 17 Feb, 2005 1 commit
  13. 09 Jan, 2005 6 commits
  14. 08 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • Allan Sandfeld Jensen's avatar
      Add direct aKode backend. · 262b4c70
      Allan Sandfeld Jensen authored
      Note: This is mostly intended to be used together with soundservers like polypaudio,
      jackd or ALSA's dmix, but can also be used for direct playback.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=376452
  15. 07 Jan, 2005 2 commits
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      Fix bug 89113 (Add functionality to switch to next/prev album in album random... · 319350af
      Michael Pyne authored
      Fix bug 89113 (Add functionality to switch to next/prev album in album random play), except for the previous album part.
      It appears in the Player menu at this point (appropriately disabled depending
      on whether album random play is enabled and whether or not we're playing).
      The default shortcut is Alt + Ctrl + Up (or Ctrl + MultimediaNext), both of
      which are global shortcuts.
      Also, include the Makefile.am change from last commit, although I'm pretty sure
      -lm would have ended up linked in regardless.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=376262
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      Fix bug 96265 (use logarithmic volume scaling) in CVS. · 38a75e26
      Michael Pyne authored
      I'm still torn as to whether it's a bug or a feature, but I'm closing this now anyways, as Scott can backport if necessary.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=376246
  16. 01 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      My New's Year's gift to people: Fix bug 95447 (Juk crashes without "track... · 0a20efd1
      Michael Pyne authored
      My New's Year's gift to people:  Fix bug 95447 (Juk crashes without "track position" in the toolbar) in HEAD.
      In addition I think I finally fixed the bug where re-arranging the track position entry in the toolbar would cause INSANE amounts of vertical space to be used.
      Minor code formatting changes were also done, such as converting slideraction.cpp to be all one style of spacing.
      I think this can be backported, I'll try to do so tonight.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=374583
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      JuK->m_warnings--; · bff3653a
      Michael Pyne authored
      Remove quite a few JuK warnings during program startup by assigning a widget
      to the global action collection, and by delaying some player manager
      initialization until after the GUI has been created.
      Works well over here, shortcuts still work and the player still plays, but I'd
      appreciate testing, especially by those who have gstreamer and arts installed.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=327406
  25. 09 Jul, 2004 1 commit
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  28. 03 Jun, 2004 3 commits
    • Scott Wheeler's avatar
      Re-add the Collection DCOP interface. · 39010a32
      Scott Wheeler authored
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=317527
    • Scott Wheeler's avatar
      It's 2004 now. Update copyrights. · a624ebbe
      Scott Wheeler authored
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=317484
    • Scott Wheeler's avatar
      Make the status bar work again by adding a PlaylistObserver class / pattern · 7c48ba7a
      Scott Wheeler authored
      to the playlistinterface.h file that can be subclassed by things that want
      to track playlist changes using the generic API.
      This also allowed removing a fair bit of cruft that was being thrown around
      by signals in the Playlist class hierarchy.
      This should be split up into two types of updates -- one for track changes
      and another for data changes, but it was convenient in the first go to
      roll them into one.  Splitting them up should be pretty trivial.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=317251