Commit 3cd2d211 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Fix adding multiple symlinks to a data project

A bit sad that the break was added because someone reported that it gave
a warning and noone took the time to read the code and say "no but the
fallthrough here is intentional"

BUGS: 416487
CCBUGS: 385677
parent b5307e5e
......@@ -468,12 +468,13 @@ void K3b::DataUrlAddingDialog::slotAddUrls()
KStandardGuiItem::cancel()) ) {
case 2:
m_bFolderLinksFollowAll = true;
// fall-through
case 1:
followLink = true;
case 4:
m_bFolderLinksAddAll = true;
// fall-through
case 3:
followLink = false;
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