Commit c192e429 authored by Lubos Dolezel's avatar Lubos Dolezel
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Large directories were not being added to data projects with all their contents

parent 2f361016
......@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ void K3b::DataUrlAddingDialog::slotAddUrls()
KIO::ListJob *lj = KIO::listDir(QUrl::fromLocalFile(absoluteFilePath), KIO::HideProgressInfo);
KIO::UDSEntryList list;
connect(lj, &KIO::ListJob::entries, this, [&](KIO::Job *, const KIO::UDSEntryList &l) { list = l; });
connect(lj, &KIO::ListJob::entries, this, [&](KIO::Job *, const KIO::UDSEntryList &l) { list.append(l); });
foreach( const KIO::UDSEntry& entry, list ) {
const QString fileName = entry.stringValue( KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_NAME );
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