Commit 26585478 authored by Leslie Zhai's avatar Leslie Zhai

Update ChangeLog for 17.11 release

parent 4e73356c
* Hide Show progress OSD by default (BUG: 382347)
* There is no IsoOptions for AudioDoc, so it could NOT create iso image like
DataDoc (BUG: 260828)
* Add readCheckSystemConfig before checkSystem to fix "do not show again" from
system configuration problems dialog is not remembered issue, A great patch
by Wolfgang Bauer! (BUG: 381368)
* Consider to install the libburn and cdrskin packages (BUG: 382754)
* Add cancel button for Settings window (BUG: 382775)
* Implement enable "apply" button only when some setting is changed
(BUG: 382776)
* Use vartmp instead of tmp to save temporary files, A patch by Fedora
engineer! (BUG: 384117)
* Implement preventing from going into suspend/hibernate by system
(BUG: 280134)
* Hide Do not show again CheckBox for forceCheck (BUG: 384743)
* Fix missing icon in alt+tab menu and dash for GNOME (BUG: 382122)
* Fix Delete audio file from audio cd and mixed mode cd projects sometimes
causes crash (BUG: 382468)
* Fix JobProgressDialog set duplicated percentage for MainWindow (BUG: 382488)
* Fix impossible to save an ISO file to an empty folder on GNOME issue, A
patch by Ernestas Kulik! (BUG: 382506)
* Fix wrong comparison if there are no descriptors, A patch by Thomas Schmitt!
(BUG: 382941)
* Fix cannot create DVD video image issue (BUG: 383011)
* Fix Blu-ray media sizes in fill widget are incorrect issue, A patch by
Henryk Hecht! (BUG: 383211)
* Fix "X" button from burning progress window does not work issue
(BUG: 383236)
* Teach K3B learned to handle BD, A patch by Thomas Schmitt! (BUG: 381074)
* Fix text ilegible in darker themes/colour scheme issue (BUG: 383819)
* Fix Media type selection for Image burning is partly wrong, comments are
very wrong (BUG: 384471)
* Fix potential copy-paste issue, switch stmt missing break issue, maybe
deteced by coverity, patch by! (BUG: 385674, 385676, 385677)
Installing K3b 17.08.0
Installing K3b 17.11.0
K3b Version 17.08.0
K3b Version 17.11.0
Thanx for downloading K3b - The CD Kreator
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