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Commit 55f841c7 authored by Leslie Zhai's avatar Leslie Zhai

Set Show progress OSD to false by default.

BUG: 382347
parent c9a9b4fa
......@@ -475,8 +475,8 @@ void K3b::JobProgressDialog::setJob( K3b::Job* job )
setWindowTitle( m_job->jobDescription() );
if( KConfigGroup( KSharedConfig::openConfig(), "General Options" ).readEntry( "Show progress OSD", true ) ) {
KIO::getJobTracker()->registerJob( new KJobBridge( *job ) );
if (KConfigGroup(KSharedConfig::openConfig(), "General Options").readEntry("Show progress OSD", false)) {
KIO::getJobTracker()->registerJob(new KJobBridge(*job));
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ void K3b::MiscOptionTab::readSettings()
m_checkSaveOnExit->setChecked( c.readEntry( "ask_for_saving_changes_on_exit", true ) );
m_checkShowSplash->setChecked( c.readEntry("Show splash", true) );
m_checkShowProgressOSD->setChecked( c.readEntry( "Show progress OSD", true ) );
m_checkShowProgressOSD->setChecked(c.readEntry("Show progress OSD", false));
m_checkHideMainWindowWhileWriting->setChecked( c.readEntry( "hide main window while writing", false ) );
m_checkKeepDialogsOpen->setChecked( c.readEntry( "keep action dialogs open", false ) );
m_comboActionDialogSettings->setSelectedValue( c.readEntry( "action dialog startup settings",
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