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Commit d9c451f9 authored by Leslie Zhai's avatar Leslie Zhai

[libk3b] Fix potential copy-paste issue.

A patch by!

BUG: 385674
parent 2e33c793
......@@ -481,7 +481,7 @@ bool K3b::DataDoc::loadDocumentDataOptions( QDomElement elem )
d->isoOptions.setWhiteSpaceTreatment( K3b::IsoOptions::strip );
else if( e.text() == "extended" )
d->isoOptions.setWhiteSpaceTreatment( K3b::IsoOptions::extended );
else if( e.text() == "extended" )
else if (e.text() == "replace")
d->isoOptions.setWhiteSpaceTreatment( K3b::IsoOptions::replace );
d->isoOptions.setWhiteSpaceTreatment( K3b::IsoOptions::noChange );
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