Commit faaa4299 authored by Leslie Zhai's avatar Leslie Zhai

Revert parseLine for CueFileParser owing to no responese for the testplan.

BUG: 384678
parent b68a55a5
......@@ -134,8 +134,7 @@ bool K3b::CueFileParser::parseLine( QString line )
// use cap(1) for the ISRC
static QRegExp isrcRx( "ISRC\\s(\\w{5,5}\\d{7,7})" );
// Testplan: larger than 80 bytes
static QString cdTextRxStr = "\"?([^\"]{0,1024})\"?";
static QString cdTextRxStr = "\"?([^\"]{0,80})\"?";
// use cap(1) for the string
static QRegExp titleRx( "TITLE\\s" + cdTextRxStr );
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