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Bump version to 2.0.6

This version brings a bunch of fixes:

- Autoscan should now seek also for DVB-T2 channels, on devices that support it;
- Implement systray show/hide
- EPG algorithm improved to reduce CPU usage
- Unmute audio when the player instance is created (e. g. Kaffeine is loaded)
- Some visual improvements to show <Close> instead of <Ok>/<Cancel> on some windows
- Some changes to allow improvements at translations
- A new record is now enabled when created
- Add support for multipoint LNBf, where DiSEqC is not used
- Fix DiSEqC LNBf satellite select
- Don't ignore weak signals on DVB-T
- Handle special case on devices with a single demux, but multiple frontends
- Add support for DVB-T2 multistream
- better report errors when VLC is not found
- synchronize DVB scan file with latest upstream version