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This file contains a to-do-list for releases. In braces the responsible person; none given means everybody.
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All time
        Blog about new features that have been added.
        Also: Facebook

Before the release
    Discover page
        Add blog entries to the discover page ( but with updated version number).
        Add the changelog as well.

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    The dot (jb?)
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        Prepare an article for (may take some days until it is accepted) (they say)

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    Notifications (jb?)
        * Notify devs, testers, and translators of the String/Feature Freeze
        * Notify packagers about the new release when it's done

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        About two weeks before a new release feature and string freeze will be introduced. This allows:
        * Translators to translate Kdenlive everything on time. (Strings must not be changed anymore
          in the source code, otherwise the translators would have to fix it again and so on.)
        * Testers on finding remaining bugs
        * Developers to focus on bug fixing (and not introducing new bugs with new features)

        Ideally mobilize as many testers as possible to find remaining bugs before the version is released!

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    Manual (Granjow)
        Update the manual (push to git) from the Userbase

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After the release
        Close all entries that have been resolved in this release.