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Fix mix cut position lost on paste

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......@@ -2090,13 +2090,12 @@ bool TrackModel::createMix(MixInfo info, std::pair<QString,QVector<QPair<QString
//int out = in + info.firstClipInOut.second - info.secondClipInOut.first;
int duration = info.firstClipInOut.second - info.secondClipInOut.first;
int out = in + duration;
movedClip->setMixDuration(duration, info.mixOffset);
std::unique_ptr<Mlt::Transition> t;
const QString assetId = params.first;
t = std::make_unique<Mlt::Transition>(*ptr->getProfile(), assetId.toUtf8().constData());
int mixCutPos = info.mixOffset; //movedClip->getMixCutPosition();
t->set_in_and_out(in, out);
t->set("kdenlive:mixcut", mixCutPos);
t->set("kdenlive:mixcut", info.mixOffset);
t->set("kdenlive_id", assetId.toUtf8().constData());
m_track->plant_transition(*t.get(), 0, 1);
QDomElement xml = TransitionsRepository::get()->getXml(assetId);
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