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integrate clip rating with undo/redo.

BUG: 421552
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......@@ -1992,8 +1992,19 @@ void Bin::slotInitView(QAction *action)
const QModelIndex index = m_proxyModel->mapToSource(ix);
std::shared_ptr<AbstractProjectItem> item = m_itemModel->getBinItemByIndex(index);
if (item) {
uint previousRating = item->rating();
Fun undo = [this, item, index, previousRating]() {
emit m_itemModel->dataChanged(index, index, {AbstractProjectItem::DataRating});
return true;
Fun redo = [this, item, index, rating]() {
emit m_itemModel->dataChanged(index, index, {AbstractProjectItem::DataRating});
return true;
pCore->pushUndo(undo, redo, i18n("Edit rating"));
} else {
emit displayBinMessage(i18n("Cannot set rating on this item"), KMessageWidget::Information);
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