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Make it possible to run composition tests independent from each other

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#include "test_utils.hpp"
Mlt::Profile profile_composition;
QString aCompo;
TEST_CASE("Basic creation/deletion of a composition", "[CompositionModel]")
static QString getACompo()
// Check whether repo works
QVector<QPair<QString, QString>> transitions = TransitionsRepository::get()->getNames();
QString aCompo;
// Look for a compo
for (const auto &trans : qAsConst(transitions)) {
if (TransitionsRepository::get()->isComposition(trans.first)) {
......@@ -15,8 +17,13 @@ TEST_CASE("Basic creation/deletion of a composition", "[CompositionModel]")
return aCompo;
TEST_CASE("Basic creation/deletion of a composition", "[CompositionModel]")
QString aCompo = getACompo();
// Check construction from repo
std::unique_ptr<Mlt::Transition> mlt_transition(TransitionsRepository::get()->getTransition(aCompo));
......@@ -52,6 +59,8 @@ TEST_CASE("Composition manipulation", "[CompositionModel]")
std::shared_ptr<MarkerListModel> guideModel(new MarkerListModel(undoStack));
std::shared_ptr<TimelineItemModel> timeline = TimelineItemModel::construct(&profile_composition, guideModel, undoStack);
QString aCompo = getACompo();
int tid0 = TrackModel::construct(timeline);
int tid1 = TrackModel::construct(timeline);
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