Commit 0c14e626 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁


parent a12cf2d6
......@@ -478,7 +478,7 @@ QString DocClipBase::markerComment(const GenTime &t) const
return QString();
CommentedTime DocClipBase::markerAt(GenTime t) const
CommentedTime DocClipBase::markerAt(const GenTime &t) const
QList < CommentedTime >::ConstIterator itt = m_snapMarkers.begin();
while (itt != m_snapMarkers.end()) {
......@@ -1048,7 +1048,7 @@ void DocClipBase::setProperties(QMap <QString, QString> properties)
if (refreshProducer) slotRefreshProducer();
void DocClipBase::setMetadata(QMap <QString, QString> properties, QString tool)
void DocClipBase::setMetadata(const QMap <QString, QString> &properties, const QString &tool)
QMapIterator<QString, QString> i(properties);
while (i.hasNext()) {
......@@ -1340,7 +1340,7 @@ bool DocClipBase::hasAudioCodec(const QString &codec) const
void DocClipBase::slotExtractImage(QList <int> frames)
void DocClipBase::slotExtractImage(const QList <int> &frames)
if (m_thumbProd == NULL) return;
......@@ -275,12 +275,12 @@ public slots:
void addSnapMarker(const CommentedTime &marker);
QList < GenTime > snapMarkers() const;
QString markerComment(const GenTime &t) const;
CommentedTime markerAt(GenTime t) const;
CommentedTime markerAt(const GenTime &t) const;
void setClipThumbFrame(const uint &ix);
uint getClipThumbFrame() const;
void setProperties(QMap<QString, QString> properties);
void setMetadata(QMap <QString, QString> properties, QString tool = QString());
void slotExtractImage(QList <int> frames);
void setMetadata(const QMap <QString, QString> &properties, const QString &tool = QString());
void slotExtractImage(const QList <int> &frames);
void gotAudioData();
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