Commit 0dc379c5 authored by Till Theato's avatar Till Theato

Fix clips losing effects after undoing group move

svn path=/trunk/kdenlive/; revision=4779
parent 5b7c341a
......@@ -4199,6 +4199,9 @@ void CustomTrackView::moveGroup(QList <ItemInfo> startClip, QList <ItemInfo> sta
prod = clip->baseClip()->producer(info.track);
m_document->renderer()->mltInsertClip(info, clip->xml(), prod);
for (int i = 0; i < clip->effectsCount(); i++) {
m_document->renderer()->mltAddEffect(info.track, info.startPos, getEffectArgs(clip->effectAt(i)), false);
} else if (item->type() == TRANSITIONWIDGET) {
Transition *tr = static_cast <Transition*>(item);
int newTrack;
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