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<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="avfilter.crossfeed" id="avfilter.crossfeed" type="audio">
<description>Apply headphone crossfeed filter.
Crossfeed is the process of blending the left and right channels of stereo audio recording. It is mainly used to reduce extreme stereo separation of low frequencies.
The intent is to produce more speaker like sound to the listener.</description>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.strength" default="0.2" min="0" max="1" decimals="3">
<name>Strength</name><comment>Set strength of crossfeed.
Default is 0.2. Allowed range is from 0 to 1. This sets gain of low shelf filter for side part of stereo image.
Default is -6dB. Max allowed is -30db when strength is set to 1.</comment>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.range" default="0.5" min="0.01" max="1" decimals="3">
<name>Range</name><comment>Set soundstage wideness.
Default is 0.5. Allowed range is from 0 to 1. This sets cut off frequency of low shelf filter.
Default is cut off near 1550 Hz. With range set to 1 cut off frequency is set to 2100 Hz. </comment>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.level_in" default="0.9" min="0" max="1" decimals="3">
<name>Input gain</name>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.level_out" default="1" min="0" max="1" decimals="3">
<name>Output gain</name>
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