Commit 113de307 authored by Nicolás Alvarez's avatar Nicolás Alvarez Committed by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Switch to the new GitLab CI tooling

Also add kfilemetadata which was missing in the CI deps.
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ Dependencies:
'frameworks/ktextwidgets' : '@stable'
'frameworks/kwidgetsaddons' : '@stable'
'frameworks/kxmlgui' : '@stable'
'frameworks/kfilemetadata' : '@stable'
'frameworks/purpose' : '@stable'
#'plasma/breeze' : '@stable' #do we need this?
  • is this crashing Windows build?

    05:48:55  *** Craft all failed: libs/gnutls after 2 minutes 36 seconds ***
    05:48:55  fatal error: package libs/gnutls all failed
  • No. This is due to a change I made in Craft to fix macOS. Will check…

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