Commit 16dd7b41 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix render name incorrectly kept in some cases after save as.

Fixes #512
parent 3ed0a9a9
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......@@ -2182,6 +2182,18 @@ void MainWindow::slotStopRenderProject()
void MainWindow::updateProjectPath(const QString &path)
if (m_renderWidget) {
} else {
// Clear render name as project url changed
QMap<QString, QString> renderProps;
renderProps.insert(QStringLiteral("renderurl"), QString());
void MainWindow::slotRenderProject()
KdenliveDoc *project = pCore->currentDoc();
......@@ -2192,7 +2204,6 @@ void MainWindow::slotRenderProject()
connect(m_renderWidget, &RenderWidget::selectedRenderProfile, this, &MainWindow::slotSetDocumentRenderProfile);
connect(m_renderWidget, &RenderWidget::abortProcess, this, &MainWindow::abortRenderJob);
connect(this, &MainWindow::updateRenderWidgetProfile, m_renderWidget, &RenderWidget::adjustViewToProfile);
connect(this, &MainWindow::updateProjectPath, m_renderWidget, &RenderWidget::resetRenderPath);
......@@ -325,6 +325,8 @@ public slots:
void slotAddSubtitle(const QString &text = QString());
/** @brief Ensure subtitle track is displayed */
void showSubtitleTrack();
/** @brief The path of the current document changed (save as), update render settings */
void updateProjectPath(const QString &path);
private slots:
/** @brief Shows the shortcut dialog. */
......@@ -568,7 +570,6 @@ signals:
/** @brief Enable or disable the undo stack. For example undo/redo should not be enabled when dragging a clip in timeline or we risk corruption. */
void enableUndo(bool enable);
bool focusTimeline(bool focus, bool highlight);
void updateProjectPath(const QString &path);
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