Commit 16e0cc29 authored by Patrick Matthäi's avatar Patrick Matthäi Committed by Pino Toscano
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Fix a spelling error

parent dd5fcbf6
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ QDomDocument ClipCreator::getXmlFromUrl(const QString &path)
QMimeType type = db.mimeTypeForUrl(fileUrl);
QDomElement prod;
qDebug()<<"=== GOT DROPPPED MIME: "<<;
qDebug()<<"=== GOT DROPPED MIME: "<<;
if ("image/"))) {
int duration = pCore->currentDoc()->getFramePos(KdenliveSettings::image_duration());
prod = createProducer(xml, ClipType::Image, path, QString(), duration, QString());
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