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Add build workaround for Mac M1

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......@@ -151,7 +151,13 @@ kdenlive
2. Start building kdenlive. You can simply run `craft --target=master kdenlive`
3. Within the the craft environment you can running Kdenlive is as simple as `kdenlive`
### Tipps for Craft
_Notes for Craft on macOS with arm M1 chip_: currently (april 2022), Craft doesn't support arm toolchain to compile. Therfore, you must compile in x84_64 mode. To do this, before launching craft using the `````` script, you must enter the following command:
arch -arch x86_64 zsh -li
After this you can follow the standard Craft procedure to compile Kdenlive.
### Tips for Craft
* If you want to compile kdenlive in debug mode, you can do so by running `craft --buildtype Debug kdenlive`
* If you want to compile the stable version instead of the master with that last changes, remove `--target=master` from the craft command: `craft kdenlive`
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