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Added new 4 xml UI for hiding some audio effects

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<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="audiolevel" id="audiolevel" type="hidden">
<name>Audio levels</name>
<description>Compute the audio amplitude.</description>
<author>Dan Dennedy, Marco Gittler, and Steve Harris</author>
<parameter type="bool" name="iec_scale" default="1" />
<name>Use IEC 60268-18 Scale </name>
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="sox" id="sox" type="hidden">
<description>Process audio using a SoX effect</description>
<author>Dan Dennedy</author>
<parameter type="list" name="effect" default="analysis" paramlist="analysis;apply">
<parameter type="constant" name="analysis_level" max="1" min="-60" default="-12" decimals="1" suffix="dB">
<name>Normalization level </name>
<parameter type="constant" name="gain" max="24" min="-60" default="0" decimals="1" suffix="dB">
<name>Gain to normalize</name>
<parameter type="bool" name="use_peak" default="0">
<name>Use peak</name>
<parameter type="bool" name="normalise" default="0">
<name>Dynamic normalization</name>
<parameter type="constant" name="window" max="1000" min="0" default="75">
<name>Smoothing window size </name>
<parameter type="constant" name="max_gain" max="20" min="0" default="10" decimals="2" suffix="dB">
<name>Maximum gain</name>
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="sox" id="sox_pitch" type="audio">
<effect tag="sox" id="sox_pitch" type="hidden">
<name>Sox Pitch Shift</name>
<description>Sox change pitch audio effect</description>
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="sox" id="sox_reverb" type="audio">
<effect tag="sox" id="sox_reverb" type="hidden">
<name>Sox Reverb</name>
<description>Sox reverb audio effect</description>
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