Commit 2fe5a63c authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Enforce Breeze icons on first run if non KDE desktop is detected

parent 3dc330cd
......@@ -1516,6 +1516,17 @@ void MainWindow::readOptions()
KConfigGroup initialGroup(config, "version");
if (!initialGroup.exists() || KdenliveSettings::ffmpegpath().isEmpty() || KdenliveSettings::ffplaypath().isEmpty()) {
// First run, check if user is on a KDE Desktop
QProcessEnvironment env = QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment();
if (env.contains(QStringLiteral("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP"))) {
if (env.value(QStringLiteral("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP")).toLower() != QLatin1String("kde")) {
// We are not on a KDE desktop, force breeze icon theme
qDebug()<<"Non KDE Desktop detected, forcing Breeze icon theme";
} else {
qDebug()<<"KDE Desktop detected, using system icons";
// this is our first run, show Wizard
QPointer<Wizard> w = new Wizard(false, this);
if (w->exec() == QDialog::Accepted && w->isOk()) {
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