Commit 2ffa31b8 authored by Eric Jiang's avatar Eric Jiang Committed by Julius Künzel
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Remove unused TimelineController:darkBackground()

darkBackground() was never used anywhere and doesn't work properly
anyways (compares int value() < float 0.5).
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......@@ -4412,12 +4412,6 @@ bool TimelineController::hasKeyframeAt(int cid, int frame)
return false;
bool TimelineController::darkBackground() const
KColorScheme scheme(QApplication::palette().currentColorGroup());
return scheme.background(KColorScheme::NormalBackground).color().value() < 0.5;
QColor TimelineController::videoColor() const
KColorScheme scheme(QApplication::palette().currentColorGroup());
......@@ -751,7 +751,6 @@ private:
int m_trimmingMainClip;
void initializePreview();
bool darkBackground() const;
int getMenuOrTimelinePos() const;
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