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Jason Wood <> : original KDE3 version author.
Gilles Caulier <> : i18n, French translations.
Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <> : main developer and maintainer
Marco Gittler <> : MLT effects, timeline, audio thumbs
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Kdenlive Installation instrucions
To compile and install, go in the source directory and type:
cmake .
(If you want to install in a different path, use instead:
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/install/path)
To install, become root:
sudo make install
(enter root password at prompt)
Once installed, you can start Kdenlive by typing "kdenlive".
Note that you should also install MLT to do anything useful with Kdenlive. See
the README file for details.
Have Fun!
Kdenlive V 0.7 by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
Kdenlive is a video editing application for KDE.
This is a the first KDE4 release. Please check the
project page for more information, and to report new bugs.
To use Kdenlive, you will need to download and install MLT, available from
the following webpage :
This version of Kdenlive requires MLT version 0.3.2. It may work with different
versions, but this is not guaranteed, or (at this stage of development) likely.
We welcome all bug reports, feedback and offers for help! so please visit our bugtracker and forums:
Bug Tracker:
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