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This file is intended to contain tips and Q/A for translating.
* What is String Freeze?
Some weeks (usually 2) before a new release, string freeze is declared. From then it is guaranteed that
no strings in the source code will be changed anymore so that translators can work without constantly
having to update again and again.
* There is a duplicate string (like «Clip:» and «Clip: » or «Audio device» and «Audio Device»). What to do?
Either file a bug report on mantis, or add the strings to the CORRECT_THESE file in this directory so that
they can be corrected for the next release.
* There is some other weird thing (singular form has to be translated both separately and together with its plural form, etc.)
As above: Bug report or CORRECT_THESE file.
* There is HTML and some CDATA tags in a string to translate.
Yes. This is not a mistake but intended, for formatting. Plese keep these tags :)
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