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Updated frei0r_cartoon.xml fixes issue 1221

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...@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@ ...@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
<name>Cartoon</name> <name>Cartoon</name>
<description>Cartoonify video, do a form of edge detect</description> <description>Cartoonify video, do a form of edge detect</description>
<author>Dries Pruimboom, Jaromil</author> <author>Dries Pruimboom, Jaromil</author>
<parameter type="animated" name="triplevel" max="1000" min="850" default="999" factor="1000"> <parameter type="animated" name="triplevel" max="1" min="0.95" default="0.99" decimals="3">
<name>Level of trip</name> <name>Level of trip</name>
</parameter> </parameter>
<parameter type="animated" name="diffspace" max="10" min="0" default="1" factor="256"> <parameter type="animated" name="diffspace" max="0.064" min="0.00372" default="0.006" decimals="5">
<name>Difference space</name> <name>Difference space</name>
</parameter> </parameter>
</effect> </effect>
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