Commit 45cbc455 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Another attempt to fix #780

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......@@ -1697,10 +1697,12 @@ const QString Monitor::sceneList(const QString &root, const QString &fullPath)
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
auto currentLocale = strdup(setlocale(LC_ALL, nullptr));
std::setlocale(LC_ALL, "C");
::qputenv("LC_ALL", "C");
qDebug() << "Current locale is " << currentLocale;
const QString resultScene = m_glMonitor->sceneList(root, fullPath);
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
::qputenv("LC_ALL", currentLocale);
std::setlocale(LC_ALL, currentLocale);
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