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# Package Kdenlive as Flatpak
## Stable Version
The manifest for the stable Kdenlive version on Flathub is hosted on
## Nightly Version
The nightly flatpak is on the kde flatpak repository (`kdeapps`). The build scripts for this respository are living at but in Kdenlives case it is just a link to the `org.kde.kdenlive-nightly.json` file in this folder. It is build and published each day by the [KDE Binary Factory](
## How to build
First you need to setup `flatpak` and [`flatpak-builder`]( On ubuntu you do it by running
sudo apt install flatpak flatpak-builder
To build Kdenlive you also need some dependencies:
flatpak install org.kde.Sdk
To build and install the Flatpak you can now switch to `packaging/flatpak` insider the Kdenlive source code folder and run:
flatpak-builder ~/flatpak-buildir org.kde.kdenlive-nightly.json --install
Read the flatpak build instructions for further general instructions on the flatpak build system:
Tip: use `flatpak make-current master` or `flatpak make-current stable` to switch the current version for `flatpak run org.kde.kdenlive`
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