Commit 56815a21 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix monitor corruption on autosave

parent 699bba9e
......@@ -1342,18 +1342,12 @@ const QString GLWidget::sceneList(const QString &root, const QString &fullPath)
if (!xmlConsumer.is_valid()) {
return QString();
xmlConsumer.set("terminate_on_pause", 1);
xmlConsumer.set("store", "kdenlive");
xmlConsumer.set("time_format", "clock");
// Disabling meta creates cleaner files, but then we don't have access to metadata on the fly (meta channels, etc)
// And we must use "avformat" instead of "avformat-novalidate" on project loading which causes a big delay on project opening
// xmlConsumer.set("no_meta", 1);
Mlt::Producer prod(m_producer->get_producer());
if (!prod.is_valid()) {
return QString();
playlist = fullPath.isEmpty() ? QString::fromUtf8(xmlConsumer.get("kdenlive_playlist")) : fullPath;
return playlist;
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