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<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="avfilter.bs2b" id="avfilter.bs2b" type="audio">
<name>Stereo to binaural</name>
<description>Bauer stereo to binaural transformation.</description>
<parameter type="list" name="av.profile" default="default" paramlist="default;cmoy;jmeier">
<paramlistdisplay>Default level (fcut=700 feed=50),Chu Moy circuit (fcut=700 feed=60),Jan Meier circuit (fcut=650 feed=95)</paramlistdisplay>
<name>Pre-defined crossfeed level</name>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.fcut" default="700" min="0" max="2000" suffix=" Hz">
<name>Lowpass Cut frequency</name>
<parameter type="constant" name="av.feed" default="50" min="0" max="150" suffix=" dB">
<name>Feed level</name>
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