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......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/translations $APPDIR/usr/
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/openssl/lib/* $APPDIR/usr/lib
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/mlt $APPDIR/usr/share
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/mlt $APPDIR/usr/lib
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/libmlt* $APPDIR/usr/lib
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/frei0r-1 $APPDIR/usr/lib
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/melt $APPDIR/usr/bin
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/ffmpeg $APPDIR/usr/bin
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