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<release version="21.04.1" date="2021-05-13"/>
<release version="21.04.1" date="2021-05-13">
<url type="details"></url>
The first maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with many bug fixes and improvements.
The video stabilization function (Vidstab) for clips in the project bin will be working again with upcoming version 21.04.2.
Full list of fixes:
<li>Invalidate preview render on subtitle actions.</li>
<li>Fix timecode validation on settings dialog.</li>
<li>Fix proxied clip cannot be dragged from monitor to timeline.</li>
<li>Fix incorrect speed cycling with j/l keys.</li>
<li>Ensure render widget is displayed again after being minimized.</li>
<li>Fix playback speed not reset on pause.</li>
<li>Update effect zones on effect deletion.</li>
<li>Render presets: load default values properly to ui.</li>
<li>Fix spacer tool not workin on single clips (without groups).</li>
<li>Improve naming of newely created profile.</li>
<li>Archiver: Fix more bugs and crashes.</li>
<li>Archiver: Block UI while job is running.</li>
<li>Archiver: Don’t miss lumas,… on “timline only” mode, prettify code.</li>
<li>Fix several archiving issues with mlt files.</li>
<li>Archive LUT files too.</li>
<li>Appimage: use mlt v6 branch.</li>
<release version="21.04.0" date="2021-04-22"/>
<release version="20.12.3" date="2021-03-04"/>
<release version="20.12.2" date="2021-02-04"/>
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