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# Building Kdenlive
## Supported platforms
Kdenlive is primarily developed on GNU/Linux, but there is also a working version of [Kdenlive on Microsoft Windows](
Currently supported distributions are:
* Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa and derivatives
* Arch Linux
But you should be able to build it on any platform that provides up-to-date versions of the following dependencies: Qt >= 5.7, KF5 >= 5.50,MLT >= 6.20.0.
## Base procedure
Kdenlive usually requires the latest version of MLT, in which go several API updates, bufixes and optimizations.
On Ubuntu, the easiest way is to add [ Kdenlive's ppa]
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-master
sudo apt update
It is recommended to uninstall the official kdenlive packages to avoid potential conflicts.
sudo apt remove kdenlive kdenlive-data
### Get the build dependencies
First, make sure you have the required tooling installed:
sudo apt install build-essential git cmake extra-cmake-modules libsm-dev
You can use your distribution packages information (if not too old) to easily get a complete build environment:
......@@ -16,16 +47,43 @@ dnf builddep mlt kdenlive
# OpenSUSE
zypper source-install --build-deps-only mlt kdenlive
Or install the dependencies explicitely:
# KDE Frameworks 5, based on Qt5
sudo apt install libkf5archive-dev libkf5bookmarks-dev libkf5coreaddons-dev libkf5config-dev \
libkf5configwidgets-dev libkf5dbusaddons-dev libkf5kio-dev libkf5widgetsaddons-dev \
libkf5notifyconfig-dev libkf5newstuff-dev libkf5xmlgui-dev libkf5declarative-dev \
libkf5notifications-dev libkf5guiaddons-dev libkf5textwidgets-dev libkf5purpose-dev \
libkf5iconthemes-dev kdoctools-dev libkf5crash-dev libkf5filemetadata-dev kio \
kinit qtdeclarative5-dev libqt5svg5-dev qml-module-qtquick-controls libqt5networkauth5-dev \
qtmultimedia5-dev qtquickcontrols2-5-dev breeze-icon-theme breeze
# Multimedia stack
sudo apt install frei0r-plugins ffmpeg
# MLT, except if you want to build it manually
sudo apt install libmlt++-dev libmlt-dev melt
# Dependencies for localization
sudo apt install ruby subversion gnupg2 gettext
### Clone the repositories
In your development directory, run:
git clone
git clone
And if you want to build MLT manually:
git clone
### Build and install the projects
You should decide where you want to install your builds:
......@@ -43,7 +101,7 @@ And build the dependencies (MLT) before the project (Kdenlive):
INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/.local # or any other choice
# Only if you want to compile MLT manually
cd mlt
./configure --enable-gpl --enable-gpl3 --prefix=$INSTALL_PREFIX
make -j$JOBS
......@@ -54,7 +112,15 @@ make install
cd ../kdenlive
mkdir build
cd build
To compile the translations of the application, you need KDE Frameworks >= 5.76, make sure to delete the "po" subdirectory from your build folder if it exists, and use this cmake command to configure the project :
make -j$JOBS
make install
# 'sudo make install' if INSTALL_PREFIX is not user-writable
......@@ -80,6 +146,7 @@ Having debug symbols helps getting much more useful information from crash logs
- in MLT, append `--enable-debug` to `./configure` line
- in Kdenlive, append `-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug` to `cmake` line
### Running tests
Kdenlive test coverage is focused mostly on timeline model code (extending tests to more parts is highly desired). To run those tests, append to `cmake` line:
......@@ -87,8 +154,8 @@ Kdenlive test coverage is focused mostly on timeline model code (extending tests
### Fuzzer
Kdenlive embeds a fuzzing engine that can detect crashes and auto-generate tests. This can be activated in `cmake` line with:
Kdenlive embeds a fuzzing engine that can detect crashes and auto-generate tests. It requires to have clang installed (generally in `/usr/bin/clang++`). This can be activated in `cmake` line with:
### Help file for QtCreator, KDevelop, etc.
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