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Qml required property is not supported in Qt < 5.15

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......@@ -13,9 +13,10 @@ Rectangle {
SystemPalette { id: barPalette; colorGroup: SystemPalette.Disabled }
property bool hoveredBar: barArea.containsMouse || barArea.pressed || zoomStart.isActive || zoomEnd.isActive
property int barMinWidth: 1
required property real contentPos
required property real zoomFactor
required property bool fitsZoom
// TODO re-enable required keyword once we have Qt >=5.15 only
/*required*/ property real contentPos
/*required*/ property real zoomFactor
/*required*/ property bool fitsZoom
property string toolTipText
signal proposeContentPos(real proposedValue)
signal proposeZoomFactor(real proposedValue)
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